Inter Link is your perfect E-Commerce-Partner

For Seamless

The service provided by the manufacturer plays an important role, especially where online shops are concerned, offering the opportunity to concentrate entirely on marketing the shop and selling the products.

At this point, Inter Link SAS appears on the stage and offers their »Carefree Package« for E-Commerce: the ultimate service from the manufacturer to the end customer, offering advice and care in all sections.

  • Image Service
    Our own photo studio offers you product illustrations that precisely match your needs.
  • Text Service
    As part of our customised support, we also provide the technical documentation and descriptive texts for all our products.
  • Inter Link Exclusive
    Thanks to our production strength and our ability to meet the demands of a market that is constantly reinventing itself, we can offer you a genuine partnership to develop your own exclusive models.
  • Hotline
    Because there's no substitute for human contact, you'll always find a voice to meet your expectations. tel. +33 (0)3 88 05 55 50
At Inter Link

We pay particular attention to delivery

Packaging Service

Our goods are stably and ruggedly wrapped for shipping.
Drop shipment of goods up to the end consumer within 2-4 days!

By purchasing Link’s furniture, you do not only buy good and easily
to be sold furniture but also quite a number of services!

Thanks to our lengthy experience we can satisfy all your drop-shipping requirements in the e-commerce area Inter Link SAS is ready when you give the go-ahead. We have everything accessible: as soon as we send you the electronic data, your turnover will take off Marketing in your online shop is your task, the rest is ours.

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