A story of success in the matter of solid wood

Presence –
on all markets

At risk of stating the obvious, a businessman ought keep busy. We’ve taken this to heart and put it into practice every single day.

First of all to the facts: with the aim of supporting our suppliers, employees, dealers and consumers in the task of building up and holding on to a strong position in the furniture market, the Link group maintains a presence at various points around the globe.

Inter Link SAS, the parent company with head offices in Seltz (in the Alsace region of France) controls the [production] of more than 600 [models] for the cash-and-carry market, the young living area, the furniture market, the mail order sector and the e-commerce.

All our activities are governed by the basic principle “Think global, act local”


We sells more than 600 articles which are delivered to more than 6,000 [sales outlets] around the world.


With our wholly owned production subsidiary we can offer customers a unique opportunity of having their own model designed in 3D, an individual prototype developed and the finished item of furniture then manufactured in volume.

Range of products

[Ready-to-assemble-products] of wood and metal for many end-users whose taste and prize images – in all living areas – are point-exactly met!

Commitment to Brazil is a key to independence

The decision in favour of our own production plant in Brazil was consistent with our policy and logically correct. With more timber than any other country in the world, Brazil offered us an opportunity to produce furniture at moderate cost but in accordance with our own high standards.

To start a business operation in a rapidly developing threshold country offers the businessman interesting options, but also brings responsibilities in its train. We accepted these willingly, and now have more than 110 employees in São Bento do Sul. This town, in Southern Brazil, is regarded in expert circles as important beyond regional boundaries for its position in the wood processing industry.

Get an impression about the efficiency of Inter Link’s production in São Bento do Sul by watching the video !

Natural. Wood.

Being responsible means ensuring sustainability. For the production of its high-quality products, [Inter Link] focuses exclusively on pine plantations that are cultivated with sustainable techniques as well as on modern, environmentally beneficial production techniques. The customers, too, benefit from these high standards, the [design] and the natural quality.

First-Class Processing

During the subsequent processing, the branches are removed from the trunks, and the latter are cut to size. After that, the residual moisture is eliminated from the wood in first-class drying plants.

The wood strips prepared in such a way – most of the branches removed and the wood glued together into panels – are then delivered to the production department.

After the rough grinding, depending on the type of furniture, profiles are milled, holes are drilled or the wood is processed with CNC machines. Now, the surface is refined in a modern painting line.

Welcome to the
inhouse fair

We are glad to welcome you to our new showroom on the inhouse fair.
Before we will present our [products] to the public, we will host »inhouse fairs« and »premarket entrance workshops« at our headquarters.

Messezentrum Bad Salzuflen
Benzstraße 23,
32108 Bad Salzuflen, Allemagne